Kindergarten violence prevention

The Abenteuerland nursery in Lauterbach, Hesse, aims to consciously strengthen children by teaching them practical violence prevention skills as part of everyday life. The 6-week programme is designed for preschool children, aiming to develop their resilience as a fundamental part of the nursery’s approach to learning. Children benefit from being able to cope successfully with critical events despite difficult life circumstances.

6-week preventative project: 450 €

Many preschoolers today have risk factors for aggressive or violent behaviour that may be child-related, family-related, socially influenced or any combination of these. For example, coping with traumatic experiences, low self-esteem, isolation, integration barriers and cramped living conditions can all lead to behavioural problems. This non-violent conflict resolution programme, delivered by an external team, is intended to complement the nursery’s educational ethos.


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Project aim

This intervention project is designed to teach non-violent conflict resolution with an external team, as part of the nursery’s educational approach. Children learn from a young age to defy difficult life circumstances and to cope successfully with critical events.