Scholarships for children in care

The Klückskinder scholarship programme helps children in care and foster care after inpatient youth welfare, during their time in education. Broken families, poverty, neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse – many children in care have often had traumatising experiences that lead to emotional difficulties. It offers them an opportunity to make a positive start in their professional lives, despite their challenging circumstances and lack of family support.

The 4 elements of the “Make it Happen” programme are:

  1. Perspective planning
  2. Financial planning
  3. Financial support
  4. Accompaniment along a training pathway


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Project aim

Klückskinder helps adolescents and young adults to find their way.

Various services have been developed to help them build courage, develop perspectives and accept support despite their traumatic experiences. The scholarship is a kind of transitional aid, designed to support young people after a period of time spent in the youth welfare system.

Within the scholarship framework, adolescents and young adults receive regular financial support, the amount of which depends on their living situation and the direct/indirect costs of education:

Mini scholarships 12 x 100 €
Midi scholarships 12 x 200 €
Maxi scholarships 12 x 300 €

Your donation will finance these important Make It Happen scholarships, helping children who have been in care to master the start of their professional life.

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